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Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop safe, efficacious & therapeutic products, while also raising industry standards. Co-Manufacturing can be complicated but it doesn’t have to be.
We’ve implemented innovative, sustainable & reliable methods to ensure all aspects of our process flow smoothly. When you partner with CFH, you’ll be provided with the highest level of customer service, the greatest manufacturing strategies & the most beneficial products possible.

CFH MaxSimil Omega 3 w/CBD

Vertical Integration

Vertical integration means having complete control over every aspect of the supply chain. This gives us the ability to create premium products with a consistency that is unmatched in this industry. CFH monitors each step of the process. In doing so, we can assure cohesion & uniformity of results. When you partner with CFH, you can be confident you are getting the same product every time, and when you’re dealing with wellness products, consistency is paramount. The graphic below illustrates our full vertical, and how it impacts your final product.

The CFH Vertical Supply Chain Platform
CFH - Vertical Integration




Clinical Science

At CFH, we focus on the Science & Health. We have assembled a team of expert scientists & doctors to derive the most effective CBD products targeting specific health issues. The marriage of all available & ongoing scientific research leads directly to a consistent & predictably high quality full spectrum oil extract. Clinical science informs product development. Our team closely studies numerous health conditions & whether they may be better managed using CBD/Hemp Extract. We, at CFH, routinely scour all available data, revisiting & verifying or challenging assumptions. We are also exceedingly proud of our ongoing contributions to the sum of knowledge pertaining to hemp extract, it’s impact on our collective welfare & the broader understanding of how our bodies & minds function.

CFH - CBD Product Testing.  Transparency can be tested through our COAs.

Research & Development

Research & Development is the cornerstone of everything we do here at CFH. We have taken the time to thoroughly investigate the hemp plant and the Endocannabinoid system. As anyone with a scientific background will tell you, science is always moving forward. Research isn’t something you do once, it’s perpetual. At CFH we focus on this pillar of our business because we understand it’s importance to everything else we do. Knowing a product works, and how it works is critical to the long term success of a product and of our customers.

Research is conducted to find out how various cannabinoids & terpenes influence different health conditions & issues. Our geneticist designs strains that are grown on our Colorado farm, where our hemp is harvested. Oil is derived using CO2 extraction & sent to formulation & product development. After undergoing analysis in house and also by third party companies, the product is then produced & sent to bottling & packaging. Every step is carefully monitored & documented to show transparency of chain of custody.

Field of hemp plants at our CFH farm.

Premium Services

  • Low & Flexible MOQs, Low & Competitive Pricing, Quick Lead Times
  • Quick Start White Label Program
  • Fully Customizable & Scaleable Private Label Program
  • Demand Planning, Warehousing & Inventory Management
  • D2C Order Fulfillment
  • Consumer Testing
  • Full-Service Design & Branding
  • Custom Specification Testing
  • QA/QC Services

Premium Products

CFH offers results that show consumer proven efficacy. This is achieved through our formulas which have been rigorously tested until their effects are indisputable. We use the highest quality therapeutic ingredients from the most reliable sources. Manufacturing takes place in CFH owned & operated facilities. Premium standardized packaging is offered as well. Everything is made easily traceable & verifiable for you.

The total sum of the experience of our staff is bolstered by our partnerships. All of our products are born from or have been significantly influenced by private label conversations. Our research has taught us much & we’re very proud of our contributions to the general understanding of CBD & the overall discussion. We’re happy to share our knowledge with you, and through our collaboration, we can expand boundaries.

Our Hemp: 

  • True Single Source Hemp CBD: All hemp-derived products come from the CFH owned & operated USDA Certified Organic hemp farm in Colorado.
    • Unique Seed Genetics
    • Organic Production Methods
  • Ultra-Premium Hemp Oil: Produced to express a highly unique full spectrum profile for greatest therapeutic efficacy.
    • Hand-Harvested Hemp Flowers
    • Flower Only CO2 Extraction
    • Uniquely Pleasant Flavor

The CFH Team

We have assembled a team of experts as dedicated to the creation of premium products as they are to your service experience. In collaborating with CFH, you gain a partner who is as committed to the success of your business as we are to the success of our own. Our process has been honed to make your role as easy and seamless as possible.

Quality & Transparency

CFH provides a complete chain of custody and production data documentation all the way from the DNA of the seed to the product you purchase. This means that we certify, track & control every aspect of our process. Our standardization methods ensure quality & consistency in every CFH product, every time.

Our facilities are USDA certified organic & endeavor to surpass cGMP guidelines. We are FDA & CDPHE registered. CFH provides complete product transparency & uses analytical methods defined by USP Standards.

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