CFH CBD Certificate of Analysis (COA)

CFH provides third-party analyses & lab results on all of our products. Please enter the lot number or product type to view your Certificate of Analysis.


What is a CBD Certificate of Analysis?

At CFH, all our products are made from our full spectrum hemp flower extract. A CoA is a Certificate of Analysis from a fully vetted third party lab that provides extensive information on our individual products. Our CoAs reveal the robust profile of cannabinoids and terpenes that exist in a full spectrum product line. CoAs also test for pesticides, heavy metals and other unwanted elements to insure the safety and efficacy of our products.

Batch After Batch, Our Clinical Team Tests For

High Levels of

  • Cannabinoids
  • Terpenes

Zero Levels of

  • Residual Solvents
  • Heavy Metals
  • Pesticide Residue
  • Microbial Contaminants
  • Mycotoxins


What is a Certificate of Analysis?

An official document that shows the results of scientific tests on a product such as a food or drug, listing the chemicals, etc. it contains and the quantities of them. Manufacturers are required by the FDA to provide a certificate of analysis for each product lot number.

What information is provided on a Certificate of Analysis?

  • Product Name, Company Name, Batch or Lot #
  • Potency, Purity, and Compliance
  • Cannabinoid Profile
  • Terpene Profile
  • Microbial Testing
  • Pesticides and Residual Solvents
  • Heavy Metals Testing

Why is a Certificate of Analysis prepared and how is it utilized?

COAs should be prepared by 3rd party laboratories. These certificates of analysis are very important because the Hemp plant is a bioremediator. This means that the hemp plant can pull harmful compounds up from the soil and accumulate them in the plant, so it is important that the raw material and end product are tested. A COA verifies the safety, potency, purity, compliance and label claim. Certificates of Analysis offer full transparency for consumers. Consumers should utilize COAs to understand exactly what is in the products they are using, what kind of testing was performed and the results of that testing. It is always best to purchase products that include only Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Oil that has been grown from a single location and has conducted in depth analysis like those that CFH, Ltd. performs.

Who do I contact for support related to Certificates of Analysis?

Please contact us at for any COA related support.

How do I find a specific Certificate of Analysis?

For all CFH products, our COA database can be searched by product type or by specific lot number in our COA finder on our website. Lot numbers for products can be found printed on the bottom of each product. Simply type the lot number or name of the product as it appears on the packaging into the COA finder and click ‘Search.’