Research & Development

Our R&D Mission

CFH’s research and development integrates clinical science and genetic development with cultivation methodology and environmental condition research. This results in genetic strains with unique properties and a prescription to grow those strains in different environments, allowing for the expression of a desired genetic trait and value. This is the total integrated R&D approach that differentiates CFH from all others.

Driven By Science

At CFH, data is collected on every aspect of genetic development as well as production methods & extraction processes. In this way, we are able to provide standardization & product consistency all the way through the entire supply side chain. CFH.Ltd’s continual flow of new genetics & R&D knowledge provides a pipeline of new products available for both private label & direct to consumer.

Tractors in a field.

Genetic R&D

Currently, various strains of hemp plants are being evaluated for specific desired traits. Once isolated, these traits are further refined through breeding & selection. Then, they are combined with other strains to create distinct characteristics. This process allows CFH to continuously introduce new & uniquely efficacious products.

Scientist analyzing hemp extract

Formulation & Production R&D

Product efficacy comes first at CFH. All formulation & product R&D begins with clinical science. Our aim is to take our top quality raw ingredient (full spectrum hemp extract) and create a product that is as efficacious and targeted as it possibly can be. We don’t develop products to fit a trend, we develop products for health.

CBD tincture bottles lined up.

Production R&D

We have over 30 years of practical experience in research & production of vegetable & commodity crops utilizing plant bioscience, genetic development, precision agriculture technology and methodology. During the last few years CFH has been re-evaluating fertility programs, pest management programs, hydroponics, fertigation, genetic comparison, plant populations, and other research specific to the cannabis plant. The resulting R&D has inspired us to integrate genetics, production methods and environmental conditions into a total system of production and develop a variety of specific cultivation, and environmental conditions to optimize the expression of the desired genetic trait.

Person holding a bottle of CBD tincture in a marijuana field.

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