Beauty & Brains: The Science of Ancient Oils & Radiant Skin

This goes beyond skin-deep:  here’s why the Botanic Restorative Massage Oil makes your skin look and feel great…

You’re a walking, talking, always organized but often chaotic, structure of biomolecules. Pretty much all your molecules belong to one of the four horsemen of the basic building blocks of life: Nucleotides (DNA), proteins, sugars, and fats.

At CFH, we particularly love fats (fatty acids) because they are especially good at grabbing onto cannabinoids and delivering them directly to the capable hands of your Endocannabinoid System (ECS.)

While every fatty acid is important, some are considered more essential than others. An “essential fatty acid” (EFA) is one that is not naturally occurring in your body. You still need these guys for some serious stuff (such as making new cells, balancing hormones, promoting healthy blood flow, brain function, and more) but unfortunately you cannot make them on your own.

Typically, EFAs are known as being an essential part of our diet, but allow me to suggest that these need to be an essential part of your skincare routine as well!

(Don’t worry, we also made a product to help you get the essential fatty acids into your body. If you haven’t checked it out already – learn more about how EFAs play a role in your body and about some highly valuable ones.) (Link to Ingredient Story Total Omega 3x.)

When you use oils for skin nourishment you address one of the root causes of skin dryness, damage, and aging – a weakened skin membrane.1 Our skin is our largest organ and the only line of defense between your guts and the outer world. It is made of a complex system of proteins and fats, and like many systems of your body, also contains EFAs. Skin takes a beating, mostly from the sun, but also from pathogens, cat-scratches, and drying hand-sanitizers (just to name a few.)

As the skin membrane weakens, it starts to struggle with maintaining its delicate balance and begins a downward spiral of increased photosensitivity, decreased immune response, and loss of moisture.2 The result is dry skin, fine lines, sunburn, a greater susceptibility to skin infections, and just plain dull, old, and itchy.3

The EFAs packed inside our massage oil bond to the outermost layers of your skin, strengthening your membrane, restoring balance, and locking moisture in.4 By focusing on natural oils, you will promote long-term healing that will keep your skin strong and radiant.

Like many things, sometimes the oldest tried and true wellness techniques continue to be the best (my personal favorite being grandma’s chicken noodle soup.) In our massage oil, we selected a grouping of ancient botanical oils (golden jojoba, rose hip seed, and sunflower) that have long been used for skin health throughout human history. Modern science tells us that these oils are naturally abundant in EFAs such as linoleic (Omega-6) and oleic (Omega-9) fatty acids, which is why they worked so well for Queen Nefertiti and will work well for you too.

Remember what I said about fatty acids being very good for delivering cannabinoids? Research has shown that jojoba oil is naturally penetrating to the skin and has been observed to be highly effective at delivering topical drugs.5 We chose this ingredient not only because it is packed full of EFAs and naturally occurring wax esters (known to reduce the signs of aging and accelerate wound healing), but also as an effective way to carry the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids of our medicinal full spectrum hemp flower extract from the outside in.

Lastly, I know you love your favorite moisturizer or lotion, but let’s keep it real, that stuff is mostly water (seriously, like more than 70%.) We made this product because we knew it was popular amongst Egyptian pharaohs and Etruscan monarchs and because we understood the science inside. This is a professional-grade luxury oil that is backed by science and, as always, is powerfully efficacious.

Restore the health of your skin with this botanical remedy.  Apply the Massage Oil in circular rubbing motions, enhancing circulation so you receive the benefits of absorbed EFAs and phytocannabinoids post-workout or after a full day.

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