Taking CBD Daily Matters

Creating a habit out of taking your CBD daily matters. We’re here to break down the science & the health benefits of incorporating CBD into your daily regime.

Modern humans emerged out of Africa 300,000 years ago. We’ve done alright since then.  Humans invented the Olympic Games, scaled Everest & broke the 4 minute mile. It seems humanity has actually thrived (so far). CBD was discovered in 1940. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) was found in the 1990’s.

All of a sudden, CBD is everywhere & an essential component to our daily wellness. How can it be that after 300,000 years, suddenly, we NEED this supplement? Suddenly, we need to take this every day!

Do we really?

As it turns out, yes. But, you’ve been doing it all along & you’re totally entitled to absorb your CBD however you like. The magic was in you all along.

Let’s start with the ECS. Your Endocannbinoid Systemis an extensive master regulatory system with a web of receptors throughout the body…The basic functions of the ECS have been summarized as “relax, eat, sleep, forget & protect.”  

The ECS regulates:

  • Memory and learning
  • Heart rate and breathing
  • Gut function
  • Stress response, mood and emotions
  • Appetite and food intake
  • The “Runner’s High”
  • Immune system
  • All aspects of reproduction from egg/sperm formation all the way to pregnancy and delivery
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Sleep
  • Body temperature
  • And more

So, yeah. It covers a bit.  

However did we survive without CBD? Well, if you’ve been eating food, you’re likely to have been ingesting some sort of phytocannabinoid or cannabimimetic, even in trace amounts. Vegetables, like broccoli, kale & sprouts have them. Spices, like cinnamon, oregano & black pepper also carry phytocannabinoids or compounds with cannabimimetic acitivity. Chocolate, tea and various herbs all contain some type of cannabimimmetic compound as well.  Cannabimimmetic compounds are structurally not cannabinoids, but they can elicit a biological response similar to those produced by cannabinoids by acting directly or indirectly on cannabinoid receptors in the body.

Now, we’re in the 21st century. What we’ve learned, the advantage we have now, is how to make our ECS more efficient by finding the better quality CBD supplements. We can do that best by sharpening our terminology. CBD stands for “cannabidiol” one of over 120 phytocannabinoids found in hemp. Each one has its own properties. CBG, for example, seems to hold sway over anandamide, a neurotransmitter that functions in boosting pleasure & motivation as well as regulating appetite. CBN appears to regulate sleep. Phytocannabinoids work better together as well as with other components found in hemp such as terpenes & flavonoids.

These constituents are more efficient when working in conjunction. This called the Entourage Effect. This phenomenon is found mainly in Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts. With broad spectrum & isolates, the extracts are increasingly refined and purified – mostly to avoid THC, the component that gets you high. However, the trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3% by dry weight) present in hemp plants from which Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts are derived is not enough to cause intoxication, but it is an amount that one would require for an optimal Entourage Effect.

So, now the question becomes “Why should we take Full Spectrum Hemp Extract everyday?”  The answer is simply that we NEED the ingredients that are being offered by Hemp Extracts. We can gather them like we used to, by eating a strategically healthy diet. We should probably do that anyway. But we can also hedge our bets like we do with vitamin & mineral supplements.  The science behind Hemp Extracts is evolving so that formulations are getting more efficient, targeted & potent. It’s on us to determine what is signal & what is noise & choose for ourselves a genuinely healthful solution over a uselessly garish & cacophonous trend.

Or eat A LOT more kale. 

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