Know your CBD Source

Why is it important to know your CBD source?

The quality, integrity & efficacy of CBD is dependent on how it was grown, harvested & handled. Remember to ask how your CBD was produced! It is either flower only, or it’s not. It is either single source, or it’s not.

How is hemp harvested?

The majority of hemp currently produced is industrially grown, mechanically harvested whole plant hemp material that can often include cuttings of seed, stalk, leaves and even weeds.

How is CFH's hemp harvested?

CFH, LTD. Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Oil is hand harvested from ONE SINGLE SOURCE: Our CFH Colorado Farm.

What is full spectrum hemp flower oil?

Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Oil is harvested from flower only and includes all of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that result in increased efficacy.


  • Full spectrum hemp flower oil
  • Hand harvested from flower only
  • From one source
  • Not from hemp seeds, leaves, or stalks
  • Not from hemp seed oil
  • Not from fractionated isolate