Relief Cream or Rapid Relief Roll-On Gel?

When it comes to topical relief, you have a myriad of options. If you’re reading this, you’re either already familiar with the benefits of hemp extract, or you’re interested in trying it. At CFH, we use flower only Full Spectrum hemp extract that we grow on our organic Colorado farm. All of our topical products are expertly formulated and produced to be as efficacious as possible. Let’s take a look at the two primary CFH topicals, how they differ, and when to use them. Hint: There is no wrong time.

Our original Relief Cream is a well loved staple in our product line. This relief cream is formulated with our flower only full spectrum hemp extract, menthol, arnica, nerolidol, virgin shea butter, extra virgin coconut oil, lavender, and rosemary. While we respect simplicity, there’s a reason for every ingredient that goes into this product. The hemp extract, menthol, arnica, and nerolidol all have anti-inflammatory properties. Shea butter and coconut oil moisturize and nourish skin, and finally lavender and rosemary provide the aromatics that really take this relief cream to the next level. The relief cream has the consistency of a luxurious balm and is excellent for targeting large muscle groups and joints, providing extended relief. This delivery method does an excellent job of soaking deeply into the skin to provide relief to large areas of the body, and the additional components that we’ve blended into the formula are designed to moisturize and soothe the skin. It’s a perfect at-home post-shower ritual to help improve recovery after a hard workout (or whenever else you feel like using it). Apply liberally and consistently for optimal results.

The Rapid Relief Roll-On, as opposed to the relief cream, is a gel. The Roll-On includes a higher concentration of menthol, to provide rapid cooling relief. The convenient roll-on applicator makes it easy to pin-point specific areas, and due to the addition of menthol, provides more immediate relief. The roll-on gel is the preferred delivery system for rapid and targeted relief, but is less useful over a large area, given the roll-on application. No matter what your activity, the rollerball is a great addition to your bag, providing rapid, targeted relief on the go. 

As someone who enjoys everything Colorado has to offer, these products have become a critical part of my routine. I enjoy getting outside and bouldering up in Poudre Canyon as often as possible. When I go, I throw the roll-on gel and the relief cream into my crash pad. The roll-on gel is fantastic during a session when the classic “tennis elbow” starts flaring up, and the relief cream is part of my post-climbing ritual. It’s excellent for my shoulders, but I also find it helpful on my hands, both for healing the skin and helping with tendon pain and inflammation. Find what works for you, and stick with it!

Kyle is a marketing coordinator based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. While not at work, Kyle enjoys creating music, rock climbing, and hiking. If you can’t find him in his studio or in the mountains, check one of the local breweries. Can’t beat a nice cold beer in the warm Colorado sunshine.