Total Omega 3X
Fast Facts

Total Omega-3x is the best way to absorb Omega-3 & CBD. 2 soft gels will provide 2200 mg MaxSimil fish oil (providing 1500 mg EPA+DHA) and 50 mg CFH FSHFO. This is the first and only product in the direct-to-consumer market combining hemp phytocannabinoids with MaxSimil omega-3 monoglyceride technology for superior absorption and bioavailability of both ingredients.  Pilot PK study shows this omega-3 ingredient led to a 2.2X greater absorption of CBD than flax oil and 1.7X greater absorption of CBD than MCT oil.  Total Omega-3x is a unique and ideal combination of two ingredients that collectively escalate core aspects of foundational health to a greater degree than either one alone.

Streamlined Support & Delivery System

Two vital dietary supplements, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract & Omega-3s, in one convenient soft gel, streamlining support for the endocannabinoid System, cardiovascular health, a healthy inflammatory response, brain health, heart health and core foundational wellness.

The MaxSimil® format is a superior nutraceutical delivery system for CBD when compared to other common carrier oils for CBD including MCT Oil & Flaxseed Oil. This monoglyceride fish oil  enhances & facilitates the absorption & efficacy of both ingredients without the use of inactive & unwanted delivery system vehicles present in other fish oil supplements.

Synergistic Efficacy & Superior Bioavailability

The monoglyceride format of the MaxSimil® omega-3 fatty acid is inherently an improved natural emulsifier and positively impacts bioavailability of EPA, DHA and other fat soluble nutrients including full spectrum hemp phytocannabinoids.

Total Omega 3X is a unique & ideal combination of two ingredients that collectively escalate the core aspects of foundational health to a greater degree than either one alone resulting in maximum synergistic efficacy of omega-3 fatty acids and full spectrum phytocannabionids.

Clinical trial data shows that when MaxSimil® fish oil & Full Spectrum phytocannabinoids are taken together they result in 3X Absorption of Omega-3’s and 2X Absorption of Cannabinoids when compared to taking two separate supplements of the same dose & concentration.

Convenient & Cost Effective

The increased synergy and bioavailability means you only need 1-2 soft gels per day, as opposed to 3-6.

This allows you to simplify your wellness routine without making any sacrifices, while also benefiting from elevated therapeutic efficacy of both Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract & Omega-3 fatty acids with Total Omega 3X.

Higher synergy and fewer pills per day leads to a more cost effective routine. Total Omega 3X is a premium product at a very competitive price per mg of active ingredients absorbed.

Easily Digestible

MaxSimil’s® patented monoglyceride form bypasses the initial phases of digestion and is absorbed directly into the intestinal tract, making it ideal for those with compromised digestion.

MaxSimil® is able to bypass these steps in the digestion process because it is formulated with the same enzymes present in the the human digestive process. This immediately provides the body with readily available forms of fats that can be directly assimilated into the intestinal tract rather than digestion needing to take place first. 

By bypassing the initial phases of digestion, MaxSimil® comes without the unpleasant “fish burps” caused by other Omega-3 supplements.

Increased Absorption

Patented MaxSimil® technology leads to 3X the absorption of Omega-3s compared to other Omega-3 supplements, and 2X the absorption of cannabinoids. Both active ingredients are lipsoluble, and when formulated together in one soft gel, they facilitate increased absorption of one another in a remarkable synergistic manner as opposed to taking them separately.

Clinical trial data shows that MaxSimil® fish oil is the only form that results in optimal levels of DHA & EPA in the blood stream compared to other fish oil supplements with the same dose & concentration.

Sustainably Packaged

Our amber glass jars provide UV protection and are recyclable, or preferably reusable. It’s a beautiful amber glass jar that can make a beautiful storage container in your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.

Exceptional Ingredients

Who is Total Omega 3X For?

Any & all consumers who are mindful of & actively working to maintain a healthy inflammatory response, brain and/or cardiovascular health, general wellness and endocannabinoid system support. This includes anyone currently taking omega-3 and/or hemp phytocannabinoid supplements.

Consumers who have trouble digesting other fish oil products (i.e. ‘fish burps’).

Consumers who have compromised digestion in general due to age, medications or other conditions.

Consumers who desire a highly bioavailable full spectrum hemp delivery system and/or want a combination product for their fish oil and hemp phytocannabinoids.

Healthcare providers: MD, ND, DC, NP, DO, LAc, nutritionist, etc.

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