Mario Inchausti

Education & Media Coordinator

Mario Inchausti headshot.

Mario Inchausti was born of the primordial soup that is media production. Already a touring musician, Mario sang on his first jingle for Pizza Hut in 1993. Over the years, he parlayed his experiences into instrumental arrangements, compositions & full-on productions. He’s participated in projects for Disney, Ford & Pepsi, to name a few. All this was happening while touring and recording with the likes of Shakira, Gladys Knight & Tavares. Eventually, Mario scurried further down the marketing rabbit hole & began to expand his contributions. He wrote copy & conducted interviews for news & travel periodicals. He also wrote copy for online courses on behalf of clients such as Vanderbilt University. He became a proficient video editor ultimately stitching together hundreds of TV ads, infomercials & other short commercial videos. He’s voiced-over countless projects. In 2018, he achieved his MFA in Music Composition. The following year he scored the horror short “Burden.”

Mario brings a holistic perspective to the Marketing Department at CFH. His eclectic but purposeful experiences enable him to jump into almost any creative chair & make beautiful content.

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