Paul Altendorf

Molecular Geneticist

Paul Altendorf headshot.

Paul Altendorf has over 20 years of experience working in the plant genetics industry. While working for the plant ag company Syngenta Seeds, Paul worked extensively toward the development and application of DNA marker\Genome sequencing technologies in crop species, such as field corn, soybean, and rice. Previous work includes the application of genetic marker systems for fingerprinting characterization of breeding material, as well as, discovery\development of DNA assays for marker assisted native trait selection toward the improvement of plant phenotypes.

Over the last 20 years, vast improvements have been made in the area of Genomic and Genetic technologies, enabling the improved characterization and selection of native traits in plant species. Paul has firsthand exposure with the evolution of genetic platforms and technologies. Paul’s experience in the area of plant genetic characterization pairs well with both, the CFH ltd. team and the deployment of the CFH R&D mission.

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