Tony Wilke

Manufacturing Manager

Originally from Wisconsin, Tony brings extensive experience in many different manufacturing disciplines of over 25 years to CFH.Ltd. These include compression molded wood toilet seat manufacturing, Multiple cheese manufacturing, Fruit Pie manufacturing, Snack bar manufacturing, and CBD manufacturing. You will find that Tony is passionate on organizing, and creating more efficient manufacturing processes, including Andon systems for efficiency tracking, and looks for ways to reduce waste.

He has schooling from Madison Wisconsin in Cheese Making, Licensed Pasteurizer Operator, and courses in Dairy HACCP Workshops. Certificate courses in The Principals of Management from MRA Management Association, Certificate courses at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee School of Continuing Education for Effective Interpersonal Communication for Managers. Additional courses in Foundations of Leadership, Coaching for High Performance, and Critical Conversations.

University of Oregon House Sensory Evaluation Workshop course.

Many chemical Safety course trainings. Tony has worked with auditors from BRC, FDA, USDA, AIB, NSF, NASC, and 21 CFR-111 for Dietary Supplements, and other 3rd party auditors.

Since hearing about, and then researching what health attributes CBD can effect, he feels that CBD is just the beginning of the plant’s positive effects on the human, and animal biologies.

Tony resides in Broomfield, Colorado with his wife. He enjoys cooking, sight seeing in the mountains of Colorado, and is an avid gamer, and VR enthusiast.

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