Wes Dye & Susan Raikes


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Wes and Susan are a professional couple with Diverse and Extensive Award Winning Backgrounds in Finance, Service, Marketing, Sales, and Management. They are a uniquely suited team for International Business Research and Development.

They have traveled and lived internationally on several continents. They have expertise and experience in Strategic Planning, Competitive Analysis, Marketing, as well as Distribution and Sales Channel implementation and Management.

They have over 30 yr. experience in Marketing and Sales in the Financial, Sporting Goods, Natural Health Products, and Automotive Industry including many awards and recognitions.

They have worked in Farming, including all Phases of Alfalfa and Hay production including operating machinery for cutting, raking, baling, and stacking Hay. They have worked with growing and harvesting various crops including Zinnias, Hemp, Corn, and other vegetables. They have worked with and have Substantial Knowledge of Soil Food Web, Organic Micro-organisms and other natural and organic soil amendments, composting, and aquaponics.

Wes is a Private Pilot and stays current flying for business and pleasure. Susan is a certified ZHealth trainer and instructor, and is an accomplished and gifted Health Professional trained and certified in several other modalities and disciplines.

Further experience includes work as a Trust Officer and Trust Consultant for HNW families, including Development work for Family Foundations. Also 5 yr. Experience as Certified Trading Advisor, RIA, and Options Trader Specializing in Metals, Bonds, and Stock Indexes.

They are both All American Masters Track and Field Record Holders in 50, 60 and 100 meter Dash, Long Jump, Triple Jump.

Extensive World Travel with Over 240,000 followers on Trip Advisor

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