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Expertise You Can Depend On

We are your team of experts with decades of combined experience in genetic & agricultural research, clinical science, product development, food-science, manufacturing, creative design, mass-market product management, and distribution & sales. This team is your team when partnering with CFH for your Wellness Products Contract Manufacturing. Read more about each department or get to know our individual team members below.

CFH was founded with a strong commitment to ongoing research & development. When the hemp CBD space was booming, we took the long term approach. Our R&D team put their heads down and started researching the plant, the genetics, cultivation methods, extraction processes & clinical science applications. The goal was simple: create safe & efficacious products that consumers need & products that we are proud to use ourselves. Utilizing our in house chemists, clinical scientists & food and formulation specialists, we started looking for ingredients that were synergistic with hemp extract. The result is a diverse product range for various functional & clinical applications of the highest quality & most robust full spectrum extract available on the market today. CFH continues to conduct ongoing research & product development for the natural products space as well as advocate for & participate in clinical trials for the ingredients that we use in our formulas.

When you partner with CFH, you gain access to a team of experts with decades of combined experience in production, manufacturing, & fulfillment. We will design the quality control systems and processes that best fit the needs of your brand. Every product CFH produces is created in our owned and operated FDA, cGMP, and Organic Certified facilities. We understand there is plenty to consider when launching premium products. Our standardized methodology allows for opportunities to build efficiencies & reduce costs so that we can, in turn, pass them along to our partners. Schedule a call with CFH today and let us simplify your supply chain.

At CFH, the marketing department is exceptionally fortunate because we are representing a uniquely premium service and exceptional products. We believe in what we do. We don’t dress anything up, because we don’t have to. CFH has put the time into our science, into our agriculture, and into our team. Our job is simply to educate in detail & extend our marketing, design and branding expertise to our partners.

It all begins with our Genetics & Farm Team. Any chef would be the first to tell you, when you are starting with an expertly grown ingredient- all else falls in place. We own & operate our farm. Our hemp plants are organically grown. They are closely & consistently monitored. Water, light, fertilization and other important factors are all tightly controlled. CFH relies heavily on a genetic development and R&D effort and our staff includes molecular geneticists & Master’s Degree Agriculturalists and Horticulturalists on both our R&D and Production teams. These are the team members that are the foundation of our exceptional single source product & are the daily drivers of quality, consistency & traceability.

At CFH, our sales & customer service team is made up of our experts from each department.  Depending on the stage of the process, you may have a chat with one of our Lead Account Managers, our Clinical Science Director, our Director of Product, or even our CEO. What this means for our partners is clear. We are there for you from the beginning to share our team’s knowledge & expertise with you.

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