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CFH Premium Standardized Product Range

CFH's White Label Program is a quick way to fast-track your new product line or add a premium product formula to your existing line. A decade of research, development & testing were critical in perfecting every detail of our product offerings for you. All White Label customers have access to CFH's low & flexible MOQs, quick lead times & competitive pricing. Our White Label products fall under two categories: Hemp/CBD & Natural Products (Non-Hemp/CBD). CFH proprietary formulations are tried & true, consumer tested, developed with trusted ingredients & come with premium standardized packaging. These formulations are available to both White Label & Private Label customers. Explore our wide array of product offerings & learn about our partner program below.

Hemp/CBD Products

The CFH Hemp/CBD standardized product range wins every “taste test” over any comparable product time & time again. We are renowned within the industry for producing the highest quality Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract commanding a robust profile of terpenes, cannabinoids & flavonoids. As a result, CFH products deliver the highest possible therapeutic effect. The hemp ingredient in all of our formulas comes from the CFH privately owned & operated, single source, USDA certified organic farm in Colorado.

Our White Label Hemp/CBD product offerings are broken down into two categories: Wellness & Skincare (Tinctures, Soft Gels, Topicals, Skincare & Pet) and Gummies (Everyday, Extra Strength & Functional Formulas). Select from our ever-expanding list of exceptional choices to create your own dream line.

White Label Gummies

Non-Hemp/CBD Natural Products

CFH offers an array of more traditional products that are as beautiful & efficacious as the CBD/Hemp range. Curate your high end line from our array of extraordinary options. Currently offering selections from our Skincare & Beauty and Wellness Functionals lines for your Non-Hemp/CBD products.

White Label Beauty & Wellness

White Label

Hemp CBD Wellness & Skincare


For those new to full spectrum hemp flower oil or experienced users that want finer control over dosage, this gentle yet effective formula is easy to use. It boasts an impressively robust terpene profile that ensures optimal synergy with cannabinoids and provides a powerful effect on the Endocannabinoid System. Tinctures are currently available in a variety of sizes & concentrations as well as the following flavors: Mint, Citrus, Vanilla & unflavored with more to come.  An essential & popular White Label option. 

Name Size Potency
150mg Hemp Flower Oil Tincture 15mL (0.5oz.) 10mg/g
300mg Hemp Flower Oil Tincture 30mL (1oz.) 10mg/g
600mg Hemp Flower Oil Tincture 60mL (2oz.) 10mg/g
750mg Hemp Flower Oil Tincture 15mL (0.5oz.) 50mg/g
1500mg Hemp Flower Oil Tincture 30mL (1oz.) 50mg/g
3000mg Hemp Flower Oil Tincture 60mL (2oz.) 50mg/g
1250mg Hemp Flower Oil Tincture 15mL (0.5oz.) 83mg/g
2500mg Hemp Flower Oil Tincture 30mL (1oz.) 83mg/g
5000mg Hemp Flower Oil Tincture 60mL (2oz.) 83mg/g

White Label Tincture Bottle

Soft Gels

The CFH Soft Gels are filled with the same premium Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and organic MCT oil as our tincture to maximize the most robust profile of cannabinoids and terpenes for proven efficacy. Our White Label soft gels are offered in various counts & concentrations.  

Name Size Count CBD Potency Gelatin
300mg Hemp Flower Oil Soft Gels 0.5mL 30ct. 10mg/ea. Bovine or Vegan
600mg Hemp Flower Oil Soft Gels 0.5mL 60ct. 10mg/ea. Bovine or Vegan
750mg Hemp Flower Oil Soft Gels 0.5mL 30ct. 25mg/ea. Bovine or Vegan
1500mg Hemp Flower Oil Soft Gels 0.5mL 60ct. 25mg/ea. Bovine or Vegan


Total Omega 3X – Maximum Cannabinoid + Omega Support

This is the first and only product available for the direct-to-consumer market combining hemp phytocannabinoids with MaxSimil® omega-3 monoglyceride technology for superior absorption and bioavailability of both ingredients. Clinical data showed this omega-3 ingredient, when blended with Full Spectrum CBD, led to a 2.2X greater absorption of CBD than flax oil and 1.7X greater absorption of CBD than MCT oil.

Name Size Count CBD Potency Gelatin
Total Omega 3X – Maximum Cannabinoid + Omega Support 1mL 30ct. 25mg + 1000mg MaxSimil Omega Oil/ea. Bovine

White Label Gel caps with Omega 3

Relief Topicals

Our white label relief topicals are formulated for therapeutic, targeted relief. We use powerful 100% natural & botanical active ingredients designed to work synergistically with our CFH Full Spectrum Hemp oil & provide fast acting, long lasting relief. 

Name Size CBD Potency
250mg Relief Cream 15mL (0.5oz.) 16.67mg/g
500mg Relief Cream 30mL (1oz.) 16.67mg/g
1000mg Relief Cream 60mL (2oz.) 16.67mg/g
500mg Rapid Relief Roll-On Gel 30mL (1oz.) 16.67mg/g
1000mg Rapid Relief Roll-On Gel 60mL (2oz.) 16.67mg/g
2000mg Topical Rescue Ointment 100mL (3.4oz.) 20mg/g

White Label Cream Jars


Our white label skincare and beauty line has been professionally formulated to be rejuvenating, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and fantastic for skin health. It’s been prepared to be essentially gentle to accommodate all skin types. It’s non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog up pores & it won’t create blackheads. Our gender neutral recipes are made from 100% Botanical ingredients, free of synthetic fragrances, chemicals & solvents. Add to that our Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract which has been shown to rival Vitamin C in its transformative effects on the skin & its ability to heal the skin barrier at a cellular level. The result is an unbeatable aid in maintaining smooth, even, supple skin with a healthy glow.

Name Size CBD Potency
500mg Essential Spot Treatment Roller 10mL 50mg/g
500mg Essential Facial Oil 30mL (1oz.) 16.67mg/g
250mg Botanic Massage & Body Oil 120mL (4oz.) 2mg/g
250mg Dry Touch Body Oil Mist 120mL (4oz.) 2mg/g
500mg Nourishing Night Cream 30mL (1oz.) 16.67mg/g
250mg Daily Facial Moisturizer 30mL (1oz.) 8mg/g
750mg Luxury Botanic Facial Oil 15mL (0.5oz.) 25mg/g
50mg Hydrosol Facial Toner 50mL (1.6oz.) 1mg/g

White Label Skincare bottles


We know that pets are part of the family, and we take that with the gravity it deserves. All of our pet products are made with our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil & Wild-Caught Alaskan Pollock Oil blended with additional high quality pet-approved ingredients to keep furry friends happy & healthy.

Name Size CBD Potency Dosing Weight Range
800mg Nutritional Pet Oil Supplement 240mL (8oz.) 3.33mg/g 1 – 104+lbs.
120mg Small Pet Tincture 30mL (1oz.) 4mg/g 3 – 20lbs.
450mg Medium Pet Tincture 30mL (1oz.) 16mg/g 15 – 80lbs.
900mg Large Pet Tincture 30mL (1oz.) 30mg/g 80 – 140lbs.
500mg Nose & Paw Healing Balm 30mL (1oz.) 16.67mg/g All Sizes

white label pet care bottle

Hemp CBD Gummies

Extra Strength & Everyday Gummies

Who doesn’t love a treat, especially one that’s good for you? With our Extra Strength & Everyday Gummies, you’ll manage & maintain your optimal wellness AND treat yourself to a delicious snack! When you partner with CFH you won’t have to compromise on flavor, texture or potency. Our gummy experts ensure delicious taste, perfect texture & an end product that delivers the desired efficacious result. The following stock formulations can be a new addition to your brand today. 

Name Count Flavor
250mg Extra Strength Gummy 10ct. – Pouch Cherry
750mg Extra Strength Gummy 30ct. – Jar Cherry
1500mg Extra Strength Gummy 60ct. – Jar Cherry
100 mg Everyday Gummy 10ct. – Pouch Huckleberry
300 mg Everyday Gummy 30ct. – Jar Huckleberry
600 mg Everyday Gummy 30ct. – Jar Huckleberry

White Label Gummies Jar


CFH proudly expands a remarkable line with our new functional gummies. We are thrilled to offer you the best of clinical science, product development, manufacturing & the highest quality ingredients available in this premium standardized product range. These synergistic formulas are developed with our CFH hemp flower extract and blended with other powerful nutraceutical ingredients to target specific health issues. Each functional product provides a therapeutic effect that is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Name Count Flavor
CFH VITAGUMMY – Sleep 30ct. – Jar Custom
CFH VITAGUMMY – Stress 60ct. – Jar Custom
CFH VITAGUMMY – Inflammation 30ct. – Jar Coming Soon!
CFH VITAGUMMY – Beauty 30ct. – Jar Coming Soon!
CFH VITAGUMMY – Immunity 30ct. – Jar Coming Soon!

white label vita gummies

White Label

Natural Products (Non-Hemp/CBD)

CFH offers a variety of natural cleanser & toner options. Our product list includes formulations developed to be gentle, clarifying, renewing, pore tightening, purifying, exfoliating & more.

Ask us about our current Non-Hemp CBD Natural Products Catalog. 

CFH offers a variety of natural serums & eye products. Our product list includes formulations developed to be gentle, anti-aging, hydrating, soothing, restorative & more. We work with high quality botanical, organic & clinically proven nutraceutical skincare ingredients including hyaluronic acid, vitamin C & many others.

Ask us about our current Non-Hemp CBD Natural Products Catalog. 

CFH offers a variety of natural facial creams & moisturizers. Our product list includes formulations developed to be nourishing, brightening, renewing, anti-aging, oil-free & oil controlling. We work with many botanical, organic & non-comedogenic ingredients and have some formulations available with SPF.

Ask us about our current Non-Hemp CBD Natural Products Catalog. 



Wellness Functionals:

Functional Gummies, Soft Gels, Powders & more!

Beauty, Body & Cosmetics:

Scrubs & Masks, Make-Up Removers, Body Products, Facial Make-Up.

Ask us about our formulations in development.

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